ballet in 2 parts

”Just start to dance Sir, the music will come by itself…” - says Zorba, the iconic literary figure of the autobiographically inspired novel by the Greek Nikos Kazantzakis, who embodied the worship of life. The village that is the location of the story lends a special atmosphere to the plot with its seclusion and wild, cruel customs. However, sorrow and trouble are overridden by the joint dance that Zorba starts on the way to survival. Zorba is the invincible representative of primordial power, and his dance, Sirtaki, is the symbol of the will to live and the ability to live. By staging the ballet of Mikis Theodorakis' Zorba, Ballet Pécs continues its characteristic image created over the past two decades and the theme of modern, audience-friendly performances. The aim of the company is to deliver their message to their audience with innovative visuals and comprehensible dramaturgical formulation. The specialty of the performance is that the choreography is a rarely used fusion of modern dance and folk dance. Zorba is a danceplay for the joy of life. The wonderful music of Theodorakis, the resourcefulness of the creators and the excellent dancers of the Ballet Pécs together evoke the spirit of the mythical Greek hero.

4 September 2022 | National Dance Theatre, Budapest
17 September 2022 | National Theatre of Pécs

Coproduction of Ballet Pécs and Pécs National Theatre, funded by the National Cultural Fund.
The Budapest premiere is coproduced by the National Dance Theatre and Ballet Pécs.


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