The Three Musketeers - or the Queen's Pendants

The Three Musketeers - or the Queen's Pendants

- ballet in two acts -

Premiere: 14 September 2024
National Theater of Pécs

"One for All! All for One!”

There is no better-known slogan than the greeting of the three musketeers! The romantic adventures of Dumas’s heroes  have been admired by millions all over the world for almost two hundred years.  The fight between the four legendary swordsmen, Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan, as well as the grandmasters of the army, the power-hungry Cardinal Richelieu and the evil but beautiful Milady, has thrilled generations. Gentlemen love it because our heroes shine the most beautiful male virtues, ladies because these virtues make their hearts beat, teenage boys because they want to be tough guys like that, and teenage girls because they want guys like that! Fencing, especially attractive dueling, is based on a sophisticated choreography of intricate steps and arm movements. 
So there is no question that this story was made for the dance stage! 
The universal language of dance, the talented dancers of Ballet Pécs and the wonderful creative team promise another exciting, passionate and entertaining production on the main stage of the Pécs National Theatre.

Coproduction of Ballet Pécs and the National Theatre of Pécs, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation and the National Cultural Fund. 


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