The Miraculous Mandarin - The Wooden Prince

The Miraculous Mandarin - The Wooden Prince

The Miraculous Mandarin
A one-act ballet

Bartók’s legendary pantomime is at least once added to the repertoire of every professional Hungarian ballet company. Staging this classic is an inescapable challenge for a choreographer. The Miraculous Mandarin is about the alienated urban life with all its filth and longing. The cruel drama between Mimi, the mandarin and the tramps still holds a mirror up to us. It also touches your soul, because their story gives us hope for change, the possibility of a better life - that is the redeeming power of love. 

The Wooden Prince
A one-act ballet

Bartók’s other legendary ballet composition generally goes hand in hand with The Miraculous Mandarin. The story and the message of The Wooden Prince is just as valid in our valueless 21st century society. The Wooden Prince teaches a folk wisdom about true values and inner beauty. The seemingly naive tale of the Prince and the Princess deals with an eternal topic of humankind. Perfomed in one evening, the two Bartóks offer an elevating experience for adult audiences. 

The première of The Miraculous Mandarin was an event of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival and the Bartók Year in 2016. Müpa Budapest was the co-production partner of Ballet Pécs.
The première of The Wooden Prince was held on 25 March 2017 at the concert of the Pannon Philharmonics called "Dance of the Prince and Pulcinella".

An evening of Bartók with the Pannon Philharmonics
Coproduction of the Pécs National Theatre, Ballet Pécs and the Pannon Philharmonics
Featuring: Pannon Philharmonics | Conductor: Bogányi Tibor
Premiére: Kodály Centre 26 April 2017

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