Inner Attraction

Inner Attraction

An extremely dynamic and meaningful contemporary choreography in a powerful as well as delicate movement language about love and human relationships.

Choreographer Molnár Zsolt is trying to examine how human relationships are formed. Why do we find a person attractive, how does bonding develop? What is love at first sight? Is there?... What is that inner vibration that makes us connect? What are the phases of a friendship, a romantic liaison until harmony is reached?
Our relationships determine how our lives and personalities develop. We never know when we meet our lifelong companion…

A one-act ballet
Length 1x30 minutes
Premiére: 18 March 2019 | Kodály Központ | tickets: 

First part of  the charity gala called "Rascals for Rascals".
Budapest premiére: 13 May 2019 Pas de Quatre - evening, Erkel Theatre

Our guest performances are funded by the Ministry of Human Resources and the National Cultural Fund támogatja.

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Sponsors, Partners:

Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma Nemzeti Kulturális Alap Zsolnay Örökségkezelő NKft. Pécs Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata Kedvenc KM Kft. Konyári Pincészet Dél-Takerék