Lóránd Zachár and Cameron McMillan are highly acclaimed artists in the international field of contemporary dance. Both choreographers have a unique and characteristic movement language that the dancers of Ballet Pécs know well, since it is not the first time they work with them. These brand new pieces shall focus on the power and the potential of communication that the body has. No forced questions and answers, simply movements, pure dance, 100% levitation ...

"Bodies moving and vibrating in limitless space; endless dynamism of the infite inside and outside. No peace, no pause, no forced questions and answers. Simply movements, pure dance fill the complicated and other times rather puritan world of the mind and the space. Impassioned physicality plays a major role in this piece where the floor may shake, wave or even levitate…" – Lóránd Zachár

"They say that dance is a universal language. Presumably because the body communicates the subtleties of emotion and relationships in a way that words cannot, or are a second hand interpretation. Body language is instictive and is often our first manifestation of emotion and expression. The development and manipulation of movement language is a central element of my choreographic process and it is the exploration of the language of communication, both between the dancers and the audience, that will be the departure point for this work and furthering my choreographic relationship with the dancers of Pecsi Ballett. The language barrier and the search for effective communication was a considerable factor and process itself during my earlier creation of In The Garden Of Good And Evil for Pecsi Balett, so it seems fitting to explore these concepts in a pure dance form with these dancers." – Cameron McMillan

Title of the Evening: F-ACES
100% dance in 2 one-act ballets
Premiére: 7 February 2014 | National Theatre of Pécs
Budapest Premiére: 14 February 2014 | National Dance Theatre
Waving Floor - Choreographer: Zachár Lóránd
Speak To Me - Choreographer: Cameron McMillan

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