Great success in Fellbach!

Great success in Fellbach!
Our Romeo and Juliet was seen by 1200 people in Fellbach, Germany

We had a fantastic tour in Germany between 6 - 10 November.

Romeo and Juliet was performed twice in Schwabenlandhalle on 8th and 9th November 2023. We are grateful to the Town of Fellbach for the invitation and their hospitality! We had a wonderful audience and a lovely time! 

We personally thank:

Ms Gabriele Zull - Lord Mayor of the City of Fellbach,
Mr Johannes Berner - First Mayor of the City of Fellbach,
Dr. Dezső B. Szabó - Head of the Liszt Institute/Hungarian Cultural Center Stuttgart
Mr Michael Schwarz - Acting Head of the Fellbach Twin Towns Association

special thanks for the local organization to Ms Maja Heidenreich and Mr Lars Kaiser - City of Fellbach Cultural Office,
for the technical support in Schwabenlandhalle to all the technical staff, particularly Simon Groß, Technical Manager
and to Márton Méhes Director of Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna for his contribution to the tour as international cultural manager. 

Our tour in Germany was funded by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation. 

The photos of the reception at the Fellbach Town Hall were taken by Peter D. Hartung.


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