Romeo and Juliet in Fellbach, Germany

Romeo and Juliet in Fellbach, Germany
The greatest love story of all times performed in Schwabenlandhalle in November!

Performances: 8 and 9 November 2023


Romeo and Juliet has been invited to Schwabenlandhalle by the City of Fellbach. 

"Everlasting thoughts, human relationships and the widest scale of emotions appear in the tragic yet uplifting story of the star-crossed lovers: Romeo and Juliet. Their story teaches us about reasonableness, self-restraint and acceptance. How can civilized people instinctively reject and fight each other? Where does this preposterous hatred come from? Does the death of Romeo and Juliet solve the conflict of the families? Is it possible to pacify the implacable?

Vincze Balázs’s passionate and dinamic choreography gives a new meaning to William Shakespeare’s story. A stunning visual world is created by stage designer Cziegler Balázs and costume designer Kiss Julcsi. The company’s philosophy and its key to success is to work with contemporary composers. Inspired by great classics, the original music of the piece was written by Riederauer Richárd. Respecting the legacy and the innovation of Shakespeare, our goal is to touch the hearts of our audience and make them think."


Romeo: Matola Dávid
Juliet: Karin Iwata
Lady Capulet: Szécsi Theodóra
Lady Montague: Rónaki Nina
Mercutio: Molnár Zsolt
Benvolio: José Blasco Pastor
Friar Laurance: Koncz Péter
Tybalt: Szabó Márton
Paris: Varga Máté
Juliet's Nurse: Kócsy Mónika
Gentlewomen from both Houses: Frank Edina, Horváth Réka Annamária, Pintér Rebeka, Reetta Riikonen

and Balogh Csongor


Composer: Riederauer Richárd, Charles Gounod
Dramaturg: Böhm György, Uhrik Teodóra
Costume Designer: Kiss Julcsi
Stage Designer: Cziegler Balázs
Co-Choreographer, Assistant: Molnár Zsolt
Director-Choreographer: Vincze Balázs

Our tour to Germany in 2023 is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.

Photo: Mihály László
Image design photo above: Rajnai Richárd


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